Fuck Your Fears in 2016

Fuck Your Fears in 2016

I realized something about myself last year that I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. Ever since I was a child, I have had an EXTREME aversion to getting into trouble. And even though I’m a grown-ass adult, that aversion still persists. I have no idea where this feeling comes from. I didn’t have especially […]

Living in a Suitcase

My last few posts were all about visiting Amsterdam in the middle of summer. As of Friday, November 13, I’ve been living here. If we aren’t friends in real life, this may come as a surprise, but in truth it’s been YEARS in the making — we were just quiet about it because we weren’t […]

Amsterdam: Biking Through Waterland

In August when we were in Amsterdam we decided to finally partake in the most Dutch of activities: cycling. There are more bicycles than people in Amsterdam, and the city’s infamous biking infrastructure came about in the post-war era after a number of vehicle fatalities involving children. Now cyclists pretty much have the right of […]

Travels: SAIL Amsterdam 2015

I took a last-minute trip to Amsterdam for the last 10 days of August which had me arriving at the Dutch capital right smack in the middle of SAIL Amsterdam, a maritime festival that takes place every five years. SAIL was founded in 1975 to celebrate the 700th anniversary of the city, and ever since then, hundreds of historical ships, many of them tall ships, have gathered in the IJ Harbor for what is basically one big party.